do we know Him?

“But he denied it, saying, ‘Woman, I do not know him.'”   Luke 22:57

Though (mostly) manifested in different words and actions, this denial of Christ is ever present in the world, in the Church, in you and me. I expect none of us have ever said those exact words; but even so, what we have done is chosen to sin. Once we make that choice to sin, we are denying Christ in us and accepting the corrupted flesh. Every moment we choose to look like the world, to represent sin, we deny Christ. Every time we push our relationship with Him aside, we deny Christ. It’s not as bold and obvious as Peter’s denial, but it is just as sickening. It’s high time we stop condemning Peter for his sin, and ask God to reveal the hidden evils of our hearts.

“And he went out and wept bitterly.” 

Luke 22:62

Can we truthfully say this is our response upon the realization of our sin? Or do we brush it off thinking it’s not really that bad? Once we begin to see God for who He is-merciful, gracious, loving-our perspective is changed and we see ourselves more clearly, and the rightful response is grief. How could we choose to sin against such a loving God? Even greater a question-how could He still love us? His love reaches beyond our wretchedness, His forgiveness is more vast than our betrayal; and for that we desire to obey Him, for that we worship Him.


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