a suffocating grip

It’s so easy for us to buy into sin. It’s readily available on your computer screen, in your earbuds, folded nicely in your closet. It is offered around every corner you turn, and is hailed by the masses; why wouldn’t we take a taste? For the same reason we wouldn’t step into a prison cell and hand over the key. Sin enslaves us.  Sin infects our minds. 

 Sin takes hold of us through our own willingness and begins to choke our lifesource-our right relationship with God. Yet, we still dabble in it far more than we care to admit. What is so appealing about sin, bearing in mind the fact that it causes death and separation? I believe the most eye-catching aspect of sin is it’s instant gratification of desires we foolishly perceive as needs. You can slap down some cash and immediately get those toxins your mind believes you need to function. You can strip your purity to engage in what the people say you need in order to be a happy, fulfilled person. You can put more effort, thought, and heart into a human relationship than that with God for tangible reactions and benefits. All of these examples promise one thing-emptiness. When we choose to sin, we choose that which is in opposition to God. We deny Him, and our relationship with Him suffers. It’s not that He abandons us; but rather the fact that He is perfectly holy and righteous and we are living with unconfessed sin means that our fellowship breaks up. There’s a tension, a fog between an embodiment of sin and Perfection, as there should be if God is Who He says He is. This, then, sounds pretty dire for us fools who are bent on self-destruction through self-gratification. There is hope, though, if you’re only willing to accept it-the assurance that we will be forgiven upon confession of sin, only by the sacrificial blood of Christ who, though He was utterly blameless, took the sin we were sure to commit upon His shoulders and died in our place. Interesting, isn’t it, that Christ died of suffocation (the main cause of death during crucifiction) so that we wouldn’t have to be suffocated by sin?


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