What If We Lived Like You?

You’re true and pure

You hold the cure

We’re all diseased

You hold the key.

[ruby, twenty one pilots]

I took a walk this evening around sunset, as has become my fairly regular habit. My favorite part of these walks-even considering how much I love taking pictures-is seeing my friend on the way home. I don’t know his name or anything about him, but I consider him a friend. He’s there nearly every evening-up on the balcony, headphones on, pacing back and forth. I’ll smile and wave to him, and he always does the same. I can’t explain exactly why I love this relatively trivial interaction, but it feels so genuine. See, he has Down syndrome. I’ve noticed something, and it’s been on my mind a lot lately. Every single person I’ve ever encountered that happens to have Down syndrome has the sweetest, most sincere soul. I see the biggest smiles, the most radiantly glowing eyes, the most carefree lives from these individuals. To me, their life seems so simple, so pure, so true. I can’t explain it perfectly and I certainly can’t speak for everyone; I’m only speaking from what I’ve seen. I think the biggest thing I’m left with is an inspiration to just live-leaving behind the chains of worry and fear of others’ thoughts. So to you, my fellow music-loving, unknown friend: thank you for inspiring me. God chose you, out of everyone, to speak to me. I hope to meet you some day.

Tell me, where are you from

Your eyes say,

Shada de da dum



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