The Plank

We as Christians need to stop pointing at the world and saying that the rest of the people are the problem. There is sin in the world, but there is also a heck of a lot if it in the Church-it only has a different mask. The things we think of most when we think of sin are the more “worldly sins”-drunkenness, theft, adultery, etc. The sin in the Church that we tend to glaze over or miss completely is just as vile, and for the life of me I don’t know why it is not taken as seriously. When we take good, God-honoring things and turn our hearts towards them for the wrong reasons, or put those actions alone above God, sin manifests itself in the most disguised way. Soul winning contrasted with life developing, good works or generic service hours contrasted with a genuine desire to serve AS Christ did so that others may see WHY Christ did it. Just because you may not party on the weekends and get drunk doesn’t mean you don’t sin. Look at your reflection, then look at the dear pages that we cast aside.


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