On the Eve of a Day

I don’t know how to describe what is in my head, I can’t even begin to understand it. I definitely wouldn’t want you to believe that it can be contained in my mortal words. However, I can’t keep it to myself, or else I will go mad.

When I go through life doing the daily activities, I feel what I consider normal; but when I go outside and walk beneath the trees gently swaying, when I sense the wind’s chill presence and am comforted, when I look at the clouds converging and fading away, I feel alive. I don’t just think that it’s a nice day and a pretty sight; my mind spins and my heart beats faster and I am content to merely exist. I forget how to think, and all my mind can conjure up is that which comes oh so naturally-a muted prayer of adoration. I feel that in this moment is where I am always supposed to be, where I was created to be. All the rest of my day fades away and this place right here is where I am alive. I’ve always had the knowledge that I have a purpose, but right here and right now, I actually believe it with everything in me. I am to be here, I am to show everyone else of this place. Whether through words, music, images, or whatever other mode, I know that I must tell you. What is this thing that takes over me? What is it that nature reminds me of, as if trying to tell me a message? It is God, it always has been God. His presence engulfs me just as the wind does. His mercy and grace tower over me and protect me just as the trees do. His love is always abounding and far too vast to be comprehended, just as the sky is. His forgiveness and righteousness converge and form the inconceivable beauty of two colliding worlds, just as the light and dark clouds do. Is this all a coincidence? Is this all just me trying to string some words together in order to make a sound pleasing to your ears? Far from it. This is something I must say because it gives me emotions that I can’t even describe, this is something that I must shout because of its sheer mystery. How would one begin to attempt to describe what the presence of God is like? Like this, I suppose. Jumbled words tumbling out of the vague chasms of my mind. Glimpses of heaven are what I see. Here’s the end of this tiny part of the story…for I know this story will never find an end. God is trying to tell you something about Himself. He is trying to reveal Himself. He knows that we only feel truly alive when we are in Him. He knows all this, so please don’t fight it. Let Him show you beauty that you didn’t know could exist, and love that is radical beyond belief-all intwined into a story of which you are part.




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