The Truth About What You Deserve 

Something that frustrates me is the constant sugar coating of the truth and coddling of people’s feelings. I see people saying things like “you deserve all the love in the world,” or “you don’t deserve any of this pain.” This upsets me because it’s like putting a band aid on a gunshot wound. It’s not going to help long term, and you’ll eventually have to rip it off and start over, causing unnecessary pain. The thing is, we don’t deserve any love. We don’t deserve anything in this life considered good. We don’t even deserve life. Only because of the unfair mercy of God do we live. Only because of the grace of God do we have anything good. Only by the radical love of God do we have hope and joy. The suffering we experience is only a microscopic portion of what we truly deserve; we are corrupted sinners. The question shouldn’t be why do bad things happen to good people, because none of humanity is even remotely good. God allows trials-but always for His glory and our safety. If it’s in the form of punishment, it’s to shock us into coming back to Him, our only source of life. If He didn’t reprimand us for running out into the street, we’d run right back and get hurt. If not as punishment…as refining. He uses pain in a beautiful process of making us more like Him. I am in awe when I look back at all the trials and questionings in my life and see how God has used that to bring me closer to Him and make me more in His image. Basically what I’m saying is this-you don’t deserve anything good, nor do I. When you look at all the blessings in your undeserved life, a question should arise-why? Because God loved us so much that He allowed and ordained Jesus Christ to die in OUR place, bearing OUR deserved portion, dying with the weight of OUR sins suffocating Him on the cross. God himself-God the Son-died because of His love for us utterly evil creatures, and He rose to give us eternal life..if we only choose to believe. I could say so much more, I could go into things I’ve experienced that have made me see this truth more clearly, I could go on for hours; I feel so alive and passionate talking about this. THINK ABOUT THIS, let it leave you on your knees in awe.


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