I found this in my notes on my phone, I wrote it really hurriedly a while ago but I know someone needs to hear it. 
Bad days are not indicators that you’ve lost the fight. The presence of a lost battle to anxiety, depression, eating disorder, doubt, fear-whatever your individual case may be-does not mean you are gone, does not mean the war is over. Just like there are several battles compromising a war until a victor is established, there will be many trials compromising your war. You lost the battle today? Alright. Let’s evaluate how your defense was weakened in order to make it stronger for tomorrow. Let’s learn from that and accept the fact that it happened. Let’s turn our eyes upward and to tomorrow instead of dwelling with regret in the past. Just because you’re losing doesn’t mean you’re lost. Keep on and fight the good fight, knowing you have an army of fellow soldiers with you. 

I haven’t been posting a lot here; and to be honest I doubt I will increase the frequency because it’s hard to keep up with, especially when I’m posting these same messages elsewhere. So to anyone following me who wants to see more and more often, my instagram is @phortres 

There I share my photography, words, and friendship. I’d love to see you there ❤


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