But Why

Why would you want to go there?It’s so depressing. 

Don’t you know that the suicide rate is one of the highest in the country?
I know this. I don’t need to go in spite of these things, I need to go because of these things. That is where I feel called to be. This is what I feel called to do. I understand it sounds strange to you, but please don’t use your own disinterest and disapproval to shut down this manifesting purpose and calling of mine. Those who fight the death grip of depression, suicidal thoughts, suffocating anxiety, and such heavy issues are those to whom I feel called. They are in a very precarious situation. God allows pain in people’s lives often to utterly break them. God allows us to be completely torn apart and destroyed; but out of love. When we are running away from Him, we are blind to our need of Him. It takes a huge blow to drag us to our knees, strip us of our falsely conceived power, and make us realize how much we need Him. Those people are at that breaking point or very near it. They are in the dark hour, and they may have lived there for longer than they can remember. They have two choices; they can run to Him, or they can try to end the pain by ending their life or some other terrible mean. These people are not monsters. These people are not sub-human. These are people that need to be listened to, loved, and given hope-just like everyone on this earth. I need to do that. I need to. Why not go to a place that tends to harbor these issues? It is so beautiful to me. It is necessary. It is what I must do. God is taking me places, yes…and I believe Washington is up next


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