Deny, Deny, Deny

Deny and distract. That seems to be the mantra of humanity. Don’t think about the tough questions, you might be left with doubts. Don’t think about the inner mechanisms of your mind, you mind find something you don’t want to see. Don’t think about all the trials you’ve been through, are currently in, and will face, you might scream out for help. Don’t think about the fact that YOU ARE NOT OKAY, you might fall into a plummeting spiral of your own helplessness. These warnings are masked as helpful advice when in reality they are stripping human beings of a part of us. We weren’t given intelligence to be left stagnant and unused. We weren’t given the ability to formulate questions to simply hide it away and never dig deep enough to use it. These things were gifted to us for a reason. We were meant to do all the things I mentioned in the beginning, and those warned results may in fact ensue; that’s kind of the point. All those questions leave you empty. All that thinking yet no solved problems leaves you staring blankly at the ceiling of your own power. All these things show you that something is wrong, and that you are not whole. All of this thinking and wrestling should indeed occur, but we often use it in the wrong way. For many, delving into this world of introspection and observation causes them to be overwhelmed by the corruption and sickness infecting their minds…leading them to want to exterminate it themselves. For others, they wrestle with all this and end up completely hollowed out and void of a sense of purpose-the apparent lifeline of humanity-and as a result of restless angst, desire for this search to end. This was not the intended outcome; rather, this is the result of the fall of mankind-the original order of life has been distorted and bent out of shape. These questions, the use of your mind, the empty feeling in your core, the apathetic and unfeeling state of your innermost being that causes you to scream out for help-all these things were meant to point to something. They were meant to illuminate the fact that we are utterly broken and need a healer. They were meant to lead us to the only thing that can fill the void, reveal purpose, and bring the dead to life. They were meant to lead us to God. Through God, I see my purpose, as well as the purpose of humanity-to glorify Him. What does that mean though? To live our lives in a manner that exudes His love, truth, and spirit so that others may come and see. Individual purpose, though it falls under that shadow, is completely unique. Nobody else has your brain waves. Nobody else has your fingerprints. Nobody else has your exact thoughts. 

Nobody else can live the life you are here to live. 

Nobody else can imagine the ideas you are yet to see. 

Nobody else can act out the things that you are yet to do. 

Nobody thinks what you think. 

You specifically are here for a reason. You may never see the full picture of what that purpose is, but I know it is there. Stick around in order to see glimpses of it. Keep thinking. Keep dreaming. Keep asking. Keep singing. Keep writing. Keep drawing. Keep capturing. Keep creating. Keep fighting. 


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