I am so insignificant. I am so powerless. What good is a mere mortal? The truth is this-no good at all. I am one in 7 billion. My words and my actions will lose their present glow after I depart this chaos, as happens with all of us. I will be forgotten. You know what’s crazy? The fact that someone would choose to use me, to want to know me, to love me. I am so insignificant…but He that is in me shines through my black stains to reveal the light that He is. 

I am so powerless…but He that is in me controls the storms (both metaphorical and literal) with only His word. 

In a world that preaches self-reliance and self-power, it is ever important that we realize our own insignificance. You ARE a unique creation that cannot be replaced, and you DO have a beautiful purpose yet to be shown-but none of this is because your own importance, for you own none for yourself. 


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