It’s 1:26 in the morning, I’m lying in my bed with all the lights out and my blinds open. Caught in the wind, the neighbor’s tree is casting shadows on the wall in front of me. Makes me wonder…why do people feel uneasy when they see shadows? It makes us uneasy because we see the effect of the light hitting objects, but we can’t directly see what’s causing it. All we see is a black shape dancing across the wall. You know that it’s just a tree, but all your mind knows is to question that reality. We tend to be afraid of that for which we don’t see a cause. It’s scary when you feel emotions you didn’t know existed, for reasons you know not. It’s scary when you feel a pang in your heart and choke on tears when someone asks if you’re okay, even though you thought you really were okay. All these things are scary because we can’t see the cause, we just see the shadow. Maybe we won’t find the cause here. Maybe it’s not for us to know. This broken life has shadows, and we must learn to use them for good-to think, to help, to learn from them. But remember that just as the sun rises, leaving shadows behind for a season, the shadows will occasionally lift from you. 


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