I’m upset. I’m frustrated. I’m going to rant a little bit of what’s been on my mind for a while now. I’m not frustrated with everyone; I know some of you get it, and to the rest-I don’t hate you or anything like that. I’m trying to show you that something is wrong, because I see a whole lot of people thinking it’s right. I’m talking to you, Church. I’m talking to you who claim the name of Christ. (Most of the time) when you look at someone who is demon possessed, it’s obvious. It has taken over them completely, changing them and their output. It’s usually not subtle, and you can very easily see that something is different about them. What about you who claim to be “possessed” by the Holy Spirit, who claim to have received Christ as their Savior and in whom the Holy Spirit dwells? I don’t see very much radical love. I don’t see very much mercy. I don’t see very much uplifting of the dejected and fatherless. I don’t see very many strikingly different from the world, I see people trying to blend in. I see people listening to the same music, using the same words, acting the same way as those who don’t have Christ as their King. SHAME I tell you, SHAME. We are called to be set apart!! We are called to live differently, but not just for the sake of being “hipster”, and definitely not so we can feel self righteous. It should be our desire to live in a way pleasing to God, it should flow out of our love and respect for Him. We should be completely taken over-body, mind, and soul-by His Spirit. That should change us. That should make us more like Him as time goes on. A drastic change like BEING DEAD IN YOUR SINS AND GOD GIVING YOU LIFE ETERNAL SHOULD EFFECT OUTPUT. Faith without works is dead. A heart without love is damaged. A mind without transformed thought processes is stagnant. A body without an urge to go and live out the Word eternal is sick. Going to church on Sunday morning and singing songs is not the extent of our faith-or at least, it musn’t be…yet I see a whole lot of that. It’s so much more. It should flow through our veins, supplying our heart, brain, and entire body with true life, and we should love, think, and act differently. It shouldn’t be forced, it should come out of the truest part of us with ease. Your life is a worship and testimony of something, whether you like it or not. Is it really of God? Wake up and come out of your worldly living. That is death, and you’re going to find that out sooner or later. I’m trying to get you to see that what you’re walking through blindly is not life. Life is through God, the rest is crap that either has no worth or leads to death. Are you waiting for unbelievers to do God’s work? Because I don’t see very many of you doing it. Church, WAKE THE HECK UP. 


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